All I want for 2017 is… a kick ass hotel concept!

5 reasons why you absolutely need a hotel concept ​

We specialise in crafting creative and innovative hotel concepts. Not just good concepts, but great ones! Just ask our clients! Hotel concepts are critical to success, but over the last years we’ve noticed that this term is often misunderstood. So let’s start off with our definition of a hotel concept before we share our top 5 reasons why you need one!

MA people – hotel concept definition:
A hotel concept is a strategic and creative outline on how to realise a hotel venture. It pieces together various elements (soft and hard facts) and gives strategic guidance, as well as comprehensive and detailed information. It outlines to all stakeholders HOW and WHY the hotel should look and feel like, based on defined brand values and characteristics.

In today’s highly competitive hospitality market a sustainable, creative and innovative hotel concept is fundamental for the success and sustainability of a hotel venture.

Why? Well, here are our 5 reasons:

1 – Your hotel concept gives strategic direction
For something to be a success everyone involved needs to be on the same page and working in the right direction. A hotel concept provides a clear overview of a hotel venture, with clearly defined goals and objectives required to succeed on a long-term basis. It outlines the core capabilities of the hotel and defines its hard and soft facts by focusing on the right things = the things that are the most likely to deliver the best performance, productivity and profit both now and in the future.

2 – Your hotel concept serves as day-to-day operational guide for you and your team
It’s easy for people to veer off-course, especially during busy times. A hotel concept should be the go-to document for all stakeholders. It provides clear and extensive guidance and serves as basis for consistent briefings to external partners. Each and every one of your employees and partners need to understand and buy into the true purpose (the WHY!), understand your objectives and goals (the destination) as well as the course they need to take to get there. This helps everyone involved to make the right decisions on a daily basis and provide the outstanding service that you (and ultimately your guests) want.

And there’s an added benefit…! Employees who understand WHY they do what they do and HOW they have to do it, feel more engaged, enjoy their role and will stay with you longer. So enjoy reduced employee turnover rates and recruitment costs as well as increased repeat business resulting from your employees outstanding service attitude.

3 – Your hotel concept ensures that you attract the right guests
We never underestimate the power of the people. Hotel concepts that place people at the heart, in fact, focus on what truly drives and generates sales and profits. Your hotel concept will be based on your unique vision as well as thorough research and analysis. It will clearly outline who your perfect guests are and what they want. They turn into happy guests and guess what, generate healthy profits. Happy guests are your best investment. They become your on- and offline brand ambassadors and promote you and your business for FREE!

4 – Your hotel concept gives you a competitive edge
What exactly makes a hotel concept creative and innovative? Above all, it’s about being unique and authentic. A great hotel concept outlines what makes your hotel truly special and clearly distinguishable. It defines the tangible USPs and the added value for guests when choosing to stay at your hotel over a competing property. A competitive edge always commands attention and gives you a talking point, not to mention a strong story. That’s why we believe in innovative hotel concepts as they create a clear stand out in the market, attract PR and maximise marketing efforts, allowing you to maximise room rates, boost your occupancy and sales.

5 – Your hotel concept is the ONLY guarantee for long-term personal and financial success
You may not be able to rely on a lot of things in life, but one thing you can always count on is a clearly defined hotel concept! A unique concept that is based on your personal vision, motivation and passion ensures that your business is aligned with your values and does not only make your guests happy but yourself as well. Your passion and the outcome of thorough research and analysis set the foundation of a sustainable hotel concept. It guarantees that your hotel is not only a cool idea or a dream - but a long-term viable business concept. 

Now you know WHY we are passionate about crafting hotel concepts. If you’re interested in the HOW check out this place. And if you need more information and / or your own handcrafted hotel concept - talk to us today.

Until the next time…
Your MA people

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MA people 10.01.2017, Zürich