It’s our 2nd MAnniversary!!!

Talking about two years of MA people

It’s again time to dance on the table and open the bubbly*** MA people is turning two and we’re so thankful and proud of our many professional (and personal) achievements. Not to mention exciting encounters with aMAzing people.

Talking about people…
As you know we love people – so much so that “people” is part of our company name ;-).
During the last two years we have met and worked together with so many aMAzing people - people that helped, supported, inspired and pushed us. With whom we co-created, travelled and laughed with. We’ve learned from every single encounter and some are marked deeply in our hearts. Therefore, to all our friends, family, clients, partners and random acquaintances: THANK YOU! Thank you so much for crossing our path and, in one or another, helping us to pursue our vision to make the world a better place through happier huMAns.

Talking about travelling…
For us happiness is deeply linked to travelling and enjoying the beauty of this world. It’s about getting to know people, learning about their culture and their lives and drawing from it new inspiration, perspectives and approaches. Since our founding, we have been inspired by our many business and research trips around the world. Singapore, Maldives, Bulgaria, Austria, France, UK, Germany, Bali, Dubai as well as Norway are some of the countries that we were lucky to explore. And believe us, the more we travel, the longer our must-visit list grows.

Talking about work…
In 2016 we reached a huge MA people milestone, Milaidhoo Island, one of our first luxury resort concept creations, opened its doors in November 2016. Milaidhoo Island was, and still is, receiving excellent feedback from guests, the trade as well as media and hey, get this: was not only mentioned in this years March issue amongst the best new hotels in the Maldives by Condé Nast Traveller as “Best for: Switching Off” but even in “The hottest places to travel for the year 2017”. WOW, now that is something that makes us really happy and proud.

The same year we were involved in other innovative and exciting concept creations in Europe and Asia. For one we learned a lot about sporty guests, by crafting a cool residence concept for tough athletes and sportspeople in South Tyrol, the North of Italy. This was a fun and motivating project on many levels. In fact our spring fitness program is in full swing. OK, perhaps not… ;-)

Talking about what’s happening right now…
Momentum is gathering. We are working on new concepts for new and existing clients and we couldn’t be happier! Just recently the koolest island (desti)nation Kandima Maldives opened it’s doors. What a great achievement of the K’team who creates a huge buzz about this game-changing resort standing for the NEW Maldives. As Kandima Maldives truly is #AnythingButOrdinary it was announced as one of “The 28 best new hotels for 2017” by The Telegraph. We can’t wait to check out its Beach Club and toast another successful MA people resort concept in tropical style, with positive vibes, sipping refreshingly different cocktails and listening to the newest tunes (sorry Kandima, for stealing some of your kool words ;-).

Talking about The Telegraph, they also just recently chose Baros Maldives, our longstanding customer, to be part of their selection of “Best hotels in Maldives”. Congratulation to the fabulous Baros team as well.

BIG BIG BIG hooray to all the resort and hotel teams we work with – we can’t thank you enough to buy into our concepts and bring them to life with so much heart, passion and lots of hard work. A small hooray as well to our MA people team and us – this recognition and truly amazing feedback from all sides makes us thankful, happy, humble, excited, … It reassures us that we are on the right track and that the world and its huMAns need more innovative and creative hotel concepts and brands.

Talking about what’s on the horizon…
As Harry Potter’s Hagrid says: “What’s comin’ will come and we’ll meet it when it does.” However, rest assured – we’re ready! Ready for many more exciting hotel concept and brand creations, meeting aMAzing and inspiring people and living out of our (not so well-packed and always struggling with overload) suitcases for weeks!

THANK YOU for everything including reading this blog post ;-)
Your MA people

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MA people 25.03.2017, Zurich